stockings for pups • nashville, tn dog photographer

join us at lucky pup boutique and bath tonight from 5:30-7:30 for the holiday event stockings for pups! come meet the 14 adoptable dogs that are currently being cared for by camp chaos 37206. it'll be a time of food, drinks and deals at the boutique. the first 50 to arrive receive a gift bag from adrian hitt photography! hope to see you there.

here's one of a little guy and who made my heart melt...


better days + world aids day

growing up i remember the holiday season being my favorite time of year. time hasn't changed that! i've been listening to christmas music for several weeks now from the classics of bing crosby to the warmth of john and karen carpenter to the inspiring words of the goo goo dolls. read these words from john rzeznick:

And you ask me what I want this year
And I try to make this kind and clear
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days
Cuz I don't need boxes wrapped in strings
And desire and love and empty things
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days

So take these words
And sing out loud
Cuz everyone is forgiven now
Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again

And it's someplace simple where we could live
And something only you can give
And thats faith and trust and peace while we're alive
And the one poor child that saved this world
And there's 10 million more who probably could
If we all just stopped and said a prayer for them

So take these words
And sing out loud
Cuz everyone is forgiven now
Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again

I wish everyone was loved tonight
And somehow stop this endless fight
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days

So take these words
And sing out loud
Cuz everyone is forgiven now
Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again
Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again

in itunes, i have a christmas playlist. "better days" began playing and i couldn't help but think that today is world aids day. i couldn't help but think of the mothers who lose their children everyday to this disease and the millions of orphans that are left. they're our responsibility... at least in some part. i have hope in the good people of this world. click here to find out more about world aids day and the wonderful, local organization that is leading a great work. happy christmas to everyone and may we find better days.

click here to buy better days by the goo goo dolls on itunes. i don't think you'll be disappointed!


a thanksgiving blessing

at this time of year things seem to always get crazy. as i'm running around this morning, i wanted to pass this on. it's one of my favorites!

may you always be blessed with walls for the wind.
a roof for the rain.
a warm cup of tea by the fire.
laughter to cheer you.
those you love near you.
and all that your heart might desire!

-irish blessing

have a wonderful holiday today. enjoy time with friends and family and maybe i'll see you out tomorrow! :)


nashville, tn lifestyle photographer • michelle and jake's wedding

michelle and jake were married on a beautiful, tennessee fall day at a private residence in fayetteville. they are both architects and their love of good design shone through in every detail of the day. their ceremony was so eloquent and left no eye dry. michelle and jake: congratulations on uniting your lives. may your love grow deeper each day you are together! thank you for choosing me.

michelle had her dress custom designed and it was simply breath-taking. i loved how she carried over details from her dress to her shoes.

the lovely couple


nashville, tn lifestyle photographer • katie and shane

i had the loveliest time at katie and shane's wedding. they both come from deeply loving families that made me feel like their own by the end of the day. thank you two for choosing me. i've so enjoyed our time together and look forward to the next time! enjoy these couple from your beautiful day …

i love details ...

also, i left for oklahoma city today for some work and time with old friends. i have room for one more session. if you are interested email studio[at]adrianhitt[dot]com

session opening

I just had Saturday, November 8 open up for anyone who would like to book a weekend session in time for the holidays! I only have one other Saturday left open in order to secure Holiday cards and prints in time for Christmas. Email us at studio[at]adrianhitt[dot]com if you are interested!


lifestyle photographer nashville, tn • brittany and joseph's wedding

brittany and joseph were married on a gorgeous september day. the skies were clear and beautiful for their outdoor celebration in cornersville, tn. they were surrounded by many friends who have watched them grow up and were around when these two first started dating. enjoy this look at their day of love and click here to see their engagement session.


lifestyle photographer nashville, tn • shannon and mike's wedding

the past couple of months have been booked solid with weddings. it's been such an honor to enter couple's love stories every weekend. and because great design is something that makes me tick, it makes weddings even that more enjoyable. i love getting to see each couple bring their own unique tastes and ideas to the design of their day. mike and shannon's day sure was no exception. shannon didn't forget a thing and looked amazing while pulling it off. they were joined in marriage at the historic wightman chapel at scarritt bennett. they are now living in switzerland and i wish them wonderful new experiences that will daily ignite their love for each other and life. for now, here is a look into in their love …

which do you like better - the color or black and white?

posts coming your way …

oh dear blogger, how i have missed thee;
i promise more faithful to you i will be!

okay, okay so maybe i should stick to my day job :) we have gotten more settled and my office is up and running. so, that means there will be a new blog post every day this week to make up for the slacker of a job i have been doing. i've had a few people ask how benny is adjusting. here's a little visual to let you know:

he loves his new place. it took him a bit to get used to living here, but he is crazy about the back yard. he gets to terrorize squirrels and chipmunks all day long. i think he enjoys chasing them more than lazying around the sofa in my office.

also, i will be in oklahoma city later this week and have room for one more session. email studio[at]adrianhitt[dot]com if you would like the spot!


nashville, tn dog photographer • rudy the golden retriever pup

i met rudy last month at an energetic 4.5 months old. can i just say that i heart puppies? the puppy breath, the energy, the eyes ... everything. i love them. i had the best time with him and his mom. i don't know who was more tired by the end ... rudy, his mom or me? :) enjoy the peek from his session!

with his favorite ball

a little model

this moment has so much emotion. they ordered this one on canvas and i can't wait to see it.



so we've lived in our new digs for 6 days and to be honest, i feel like i'm about to fall over from sleep deprivation! moving.is.a.big.job. fortunately we've had a few great friends help us pack, unpack, clean and paint. i really don't want to do this again anytime soon : ) we love the new place and can't get over how close we are to everything. it's sublime.

the office is still without internet, but the friendly comcast folks are headed here late on friday afternoon to get everything running. i'll be out this weekend for a wedding in lexington, but will be back in full swing on monday. thanks for hanging around and once the internet is up i'll have a slew of blog posts! have a great rest of the week!


moving on up...

yes, you read that correctly … we finally sold our house and are moving to nashville tomorrow! to say this past month has been a whirlwind is a large understatement. our offices will be closed for the next few days as we're packing up and getting set up at the new house. stay tuned as i have several weddings from the past month, dog sessions and dog days and my trip to mexico to blog!

happy fall!


nashville, tn lifestyle photographer • holly and lucas • belle meade plantation

holly and lucas were married at the beautiful belle meade plantation a few weeks ago. it was a nice, cool day that turned out beautiful! mary alice from a delightful day coordinated the day and did a fabulous job. holly and lucas have been waiting for this day for some time and it was such an honor to experience it with them. enjoy this peek!

the lovely ladies

and the handsome fellas


downtown guadalajara • nashville, tn photographer

i arrived in guadalajara yesterday afternoon. my flights went great and i slid through customs just fine. today we ventured through downtown guadalajara. it started raining during our time there, but i was still able to get a few photos. being here has reminded me how long it's been since i've practiced my spanish … it's actually quite embarrassing how little i now know. i'm getting by on basic phrases. (all of these photos were edited on my laptop so i apologize if the colors are off.)

the cathredral in downtown

inside the cathredral

details of the architecture

the theatre

yours truly in front of a cool building


viva la mexico!

just a quick note to say that i'll be out of the office until october 1. i'm venturing to mexico to document the work that the international mission board is doing there. this a project that brings much hope, fulfillment and joy to my heart. i look forward to sharing it with you. i am going to try my best to blog while i'm gone, so stay tuned! also, a quick note to let you know that my website is going through some changes this week and it may be down in the process. everyone have a wonderful week!



dog photographer nashville, tn • dog days festival

just a friendly reminder to head down to dog days tomorrow! it's at centennial park from 10a - 4p. be sure to drop by our booth to see our dog art and pick up a free doggie bag.

here's a sweet one i met this past week. more of him soon!


nashville, tn lifestyle photographer • katie's bridal

katie will be married in just a few short weeks so we met up to shoot her bridal portraits! it was a humid day (imagine that in tennessee, right?) but she did wonderful. her mom came along and i had a really sweet time with them. can't wait for the wedding day!


dog photographer nashville, tn • benny day

friday marked the anniversary of benny's adoption. since benny isn't spoiled or anything, i knew i needed to pick him up a few things in celebration! ;)

here he is anxiously awaiting his treats …

i got everything at lucky pup boutique in edgehill village. super cool place! be sure to take your lucky pup by and tell kristen i sent you. she's great!

a doggy cupcake

and the most beautiful bone benny has laid eyes on!

when brian and i adopted benny, we didn't realize how much our lives would be enriched because of it. he's my son, co-worker, carpooler and best friend all rolled into one! thanks for letting me share his life here.


nashville, tn dog photographer • i heart puppies…

especially this little one!

also, mark your calendars for saturday, september 20. it's the annual dog days festival! come out for the mutt strutt, doggie spa and contests. and of course, be sure to stop by our booth to check out our latest dog art and pick up a gift bag!


lifestyle photographer columbia, tn • fagan and matthew

i was booked for matthew and fagan's wedding, but i am so glad that they wanted me to shoot their engagement session. we shot later in the day which gave way to beautiful skies and moodier lighting. i had such a wonderful time with them! fagan grew up in columbia and it was so interesting to learn more about the area from her. thanks so much for having me, you two! enjoy these!


nashville, tn dog photographer • sleepy, sleepy

last night i was working late and ended up falling asleep on the sofa in my office. when i woke up this morning, benny was laying on me in a sweet, curled up position. i wish i had my camera in my hand when i first awoke, but no such luck. i have no idea how long he was there, but he was out! and i felt ... perfect. i love this sweet boy. so this evening, brian was taking a quick nap before dinner and when i went to wake him, this is what i saw. fortunately, i did have time to grab my camera for these.


lifestyle photographer - columbia, tn - holly and lucas

holly and lucas are getting married in a week and i'm so excited that their time has finally arrived! for their engagement session, we tromped around downtown columbia and found some great spots. they are such a fun-loving couple and after our time together they are now addicted to "the office." :)

probably my favorite!

love the intimacy in this shot

holly and lucas ordered this on canvas and will be adding to it after the wedding. can't wait to see the wall display completed!


franklin, tn children's photographer • caroline and emerson

here is a favorite from my time with sisters caroline and emerson. i love the colors in their clothes and the overhanging willows. sweet, sweet girls!

i love, love, love when kids wear brightly colored clothing. they look so great here!


chase the golden retriever • pet photographer nashville, tn

meet chase. he's a ten-year-old golden sweetheart. loved my time with him!

i love the waves in golden retriever's coats.


sunday nights • nashville, tn dog photographer

is it just me or are sunday nights a depressing time of the week? it's sad to see the weekend go and know that a monday morning will follow. i hope this brightens your monday : )


dog photographer - nashville, tn - it's a ruff life…

so yesterday afternoon, i walk into our bedroom and this is what i see…

benny sprawled across our entire bed!

can't get enough of this face!

hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!


lifestyle photographer - franklin, tn - katie and shane

katie and shane will be getting married the first weekend of october. we met up for a fun e-session at the factory. i love shooting there! so many great textures. they did fabulous. i'm looking forward to your beautiful day. see you soon!


nyle - newborn photographer - nashville, tn

i just remembered that i have never shared more of my sweet little nephew. i miss him and i'm elated that he's coming for a visit in a few weeks! here he is at 10 days old …

safe in daddy's arms (my brother)

he's looks so much like his uncle aaron!

alone time with mom

how cute are these little wrinkles?

love this family moment!