jody and tiffany

last week, i met up with jody and tiffany in downtown franklin. they are new realtors in town and are not only looking for home shoppers, but also a modern, fun branding for their business. i think we nailed it! thanks for having me out guys. i had such a fun time hanging out behind trashcans with you ;)


family session

this fun family was in town for a family reunion and commissioned me to capture them together while they were in town. there were 5 kids total - one 5 year old, 2 3 year olds, and 4 month old twins! we had a great time! here are a few to share...

i couldn't get enough of her!
their favorite activity together and one of my favorite kid books!

buzz lightyear even jumped in a few family portraits!
and here is everyone!
thanks for having me out. we got a lot of great memories!

paul + amanda

a couple of weeks ago, paul and amanda flew me out to illinois to be a part of their big day. to say we had a fun time, would be an understatement! suprisingly, i ran into a few people that i went to school with while i was there and that made the trip even more worthwhile. here is the continuation of a few glimpses into their wedding day. and they had a fabulous time in jamaica!

one HOT couple!

just playing a little heart and soul with the groom and best man ;)

bob and amy pt. 2

as i was proofing this wedding, i thought i would share a few more memories from bob and amy's beautiful day!

do you know what happens when you have a wedding party of 20?! TOTAL CHAOS! hehe

bob's first glance of his bride

bob and amy had an open coffeebar and here are their super cute toasting mugs!

just the girls


ferris wheel

brian and i were at a carnival a couple of weeks ago. we had a good time except that i got sick after the first ride :(. but, i was still able to take a few nighttime pics and this is my favorite.

sleepy bear

i've been missing taking photos of benny (aka: benny bear) so i seized the opportunity as he was taking his afternoon nap in my office today. he was actually a bit annoyed with the clicking of my camera because it obviously was disturbing his sleep. ;) here is the sleeping bear...

hmm! i could eat him up!

coming up for air and a self-portrait

okay, so i've been a bad blogger lately... so, i'm here to make it up and come up for some air. there are many exciting things going on at adrian hitt photography and i will be sharing more on this in upcoming posts :) (don't you love the anticipation!? ;) ) but, first something that is long overdue... a self-portrait. yes, there will finally be a picture of me on my website. naturally, i much rather prefer to be behind the camera and only in front of it if i'm with my love or my good friends. but, i needed a bit of a break today, and this is what i came up with. let me know if it's website worthy!

also, my schedule has been updated to reflect changes.