dog photography - nashville, tn - lab puppies

this family had me out to capture the new additions to their family - SEVEN lab puppies! you can imagine how excited i was to combine my two loves - kids and dogs. it was such a great idea since it was the first time sam (momma lab) had puppies. here are a few from my time with them!

they loved crawling all over the kids!

and the puppy pic from my valentine's day post was from this litter. not my own :( these little guys loved crawling everywhere and had the best puppy breath. i love puppy breath! :)

pet photography - nashville, tn

this email was waiting for me this morning. it reminded me of how important my work is and why i do what i do.


Thank you so much for bringing our canvas print to my moms. Jacob was so suprised, and him and I both really love it! We have it hanging in our living room and everyone who comes over is always interested in it. We think it captures Mati perfectly; we both get a little teary eyed when we look at it sometimes ... I wanted to let you know how much we really love the picture! Hope all is well.


Shortly after I took photos of this family, their sweet Mati passed. Fortunately, we had images of the three of them together and Heather came back and ordered a canvas gallery wrap print of Mati. She used it as a surprise gift for her husband. Here is the image of Mati:

As you can see Mati was gorgeous. And oh was she sweet! She loved playing ball with her mom and dad and would cool off in her pool afterwards. And she didn't know a stranger.

Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really. ~Agnes Sligh Turnbull


back from san diego

just a note to let you know that i'm back in the office and will be returning to blogging soon! i have returned all emails and phone calls, so if you haven't heard from me, i probably didn't get it. hope everyone is having a great week!

stay close as i have a slew of sneak peeks to share :)


good music

tonight, i'm enjoying long overdue good music. you must check out this soundtrack. "falling slowly" and "when your mind's made up" will be instant favorites.

also, i'm a lover of folk/americana music. elizabeth mitchell is brilliant in her renderings of children's music.

i leave for san diego in a few hours. i haven't been before, so i'm hoping for a fun trip! it's a workshop that i have been anticipating for months. i'll be sure to share upon my return! our offices will reopen on tuesday, february 26.

have a great weekend. lots of love. thanks for stopping by.


the evolution of dance

i heart youtube.


happy love day!

happy valentine's day to everyone! (in college, we referred to it as single awareness day :) ) spend some time with the ones who mean the most to you.

here's some puppy loving for you...

and a video off of becker's blog... i couldn't resist!


britton seth

meet this sweet little guy. such a sleepy little one at only eight days old. i adore newborns. he is number 4 for this family with three older sisters who take such good care of him. lucky guy.

fun hats make me jump up and down at sessions... literally! :)

some mommy time. i heart this one.



thursday was my birthday...it's funny how just a couple of years ago i anticipated this day... even counted down to it! now, i love having the special day but not the reminder that i've grown another year older. i no longer welcome the aging. nonetheless, it was a great day of sweet surprises and love from from family and friends. brian was the cutest... he made muffins for breakfast and had flowers waiting at my seat. my gift to myself was meeting with a trainer and once i returned from the gym, he had packed a picnic lunch for us to enjoy at benny's favorite place... the p-a-r-k. we spent the afternoon together and brian then again cooked us dinner. he doesn't do this often so it was quite the treat! i later found out that he found the recipe online and read in a forum the best way to prepare the meal. it was tasty but even more sweet. he closed the night by leading me out to our deck lit only by candles and the stars and then serenaded me with a song he had just written. yes, i have an amazing husband :) and i could never thank him enough for the way his love supports me. i also got my shop on with a good friend and have enjoyed sporadically receiving musical movie classics from my brother. awesome gifts!

here's a quick one of us after our picnic at the park taken with the p+s.

stay close! session sneak peeks to follow soon!


lauren and j.j.

just before new year's i got to reconnect with lauren and j.j. i've known them since they were 2 and it's so crazy to see them look this old! they're beautiful girls as you can see, but so fun and full of life as well. thanks for hangin' with me for a bit ... enjoy my few favorites :)

breaking out the cheerleading skills :)


a renewed hope

today is an important day for me. i will be voting in the presidential primaries for the first time. i have hope that we are on our way to a less broken world.

regardless of which party or candidate you back, i can't help but share this.

be sure to vote today. may our voices be heard!


coco bonbons fall 2008

towards the beginning of january, i teamed up with the wonderful ladies of coco bonbons to shoot their fall 2008 catalog. this is such a fun commercial project for me as i get to play... i mean work ;)... with several different kiddos of all ages. AND they're dressed beautifully! i've been promising a look into the results, so here they are!

him and i were quite the buddies throughout day. he's such a sweet and bright boy!

also, i just have to mention how wonderfully wonderful it is to work with powell creative. if you're in the market for an advertising/graphic design firm, get a hold of wayne or joe. you won't be disappointed!


evil eye baby... happy saturday

some viewing enjoyment for your saturday