i just love you

a couple of weeks ago at church i heard this song by five for fighting. i can't stop listening to it. check out their myspace here and give it a listen. the first, second, third and probably fourteenth time i heard it, i cried. when i first heard it, the work of the great painter marc chagall was being shown in the background. you can see one of my favorites of his below. i love his rendering of lovers. almost every painting depicts their relationship not as two individuals, but as one. it's beautiful. the work and the love he shares. an interesting thing about chagall, he fled under the nazi regime and buried his wife at an early age. my heart is drawn to this... beauty prevailed in the midst of horrible darkness.

amoureux de vence

you can order prints and see more of his work by clicking here.


franklin wedding

last saturday, i second shot kurt and christie's wedding with sean and melanie mclellan. it was held at lillie belle's tearoom in downtown franklin. everyone there was so kind and they do such a great job of moving everything along. i will be shooting nate and kelly's wedding there next saturday, so it was good to get some practice in before their day!


jim and lana

last friday i met jim and lana at their home and we had a good ol' time! the kids were so carefree and had fantastic imaginations. i LOVE it when i really get to enter a child's world. when this happens, i feel much like the children of narnia when then slip into the wardrobe. i am convinced that childhood is one of the best chapters of life and that's why i do this. i want to be able to give children a slice of a time of their life that they may not remember vividly. i want them to know what they looked like when their front two teeth were missing, when they were able to run around barefoot in the front yard, when they had a chocolate milk moustache and not a care in the world... it's such a very sweet time of life. and i'm so glad i get to re-enter it.

jim's mussel collection from the creek at bellemeade plantation



just a heads up that i will be working on my website throughout the day. so if galleries are missing or aren't loading, thanks for understanding and check back in the next day or so! and because a post without a picture is boring, here's one from friday's session. meet mason. he's a 14-year-old labrador. i will soon be posting more from my time with his family!



last week i met little 3-month-old maddie. it was a bit overcast that day so we had to stick around windows, but she did so great! here's a little sneak peek...

a new look!

so, how do you like the new look of the blog? i wanted to jazz it up a bit and make it a place with more information. and it's sporting the new look of adrian hitt photography! (my website is behind, but is on it's way to a makeover as well.) one of the new items on the blog is a place to let me know who you are. just click on which box describes you. it's that simple!

my new logo was a collaboration between myself and the team at shiny tricycle entertainment. a big thank you out to cameron and chris for all of their hard work!

i'm excited to continue to share the new look through my website, packaging materials, business cards and much more. leave a comment to let me know what you think!


paxton and caitlin

last week i met up with brother and sister, paxton and caitlin. they both did so well! caitlin is at that fun of age of just learning to get around and paxton is a great older brother to her. here are a couple of faves...

also, stay tuned for a new look! i have been working on this for sometime and i'm so excited to be able to share it. i'm getting so close! :)


urban benny

i know, i know... this is my 3rd post in a row of benny. but i couldn't resist sharing these! brian and i went out one night last week to scout out some spots for an upcoming engagement session. benny tagged along and modeled for me :)

just hanging out in the phone booth ;)


happy friday



one year with benny

last week marked the one year anniversary of when we rescued benny. (little did we know, that he would be rescuing us as well.) to celebrate, he had many treats, hugs, kisses and doggy ice cream. he also went to the park and had a little photoshoot. it's hard to believe that a year has already gone by and how much love he has brought into our home. if you have followed my blog for any time at all, you know that brian and i are crazy about benny! if you have met him, you can understand why :) here are a few from our little shoot last week...


baby elle

on friday, i had the anticipated pleasure of meeting precious elle. she was 23 days old and oh so beautiful! i have been very excited to share this sneak peek with her family and had a hard time narrowing down to one photo. i couldn't do it! so here are three little details of elle's new life.

fun with the water hose

over the weekend i was out taking pictures of benny and heard laughter across the street. these cuties were playing jump rope in the water hose and of course i had steal a couple of shots! ;)



this is my last session from oklahoma and it happens to be of my brother and his family. of course it was great to see them and celebrate my brother's birthday as well as nic turning 2! he's all over the place and learning so much everyday. i'd love to see them more and it's hard to miss out on so much of nic's life. but for now i've been working on their christmas card and here are a few candidates!


every now and again one of the neighborhood dogs escapes his backyard and somehow finds his way to ours. so before we returned him this past weekend, we let him and benny play together. they are the best of friends! here are a few snaps of pedro i grabbed...