labrador needs adopting - dog photographer - nashville, tn

happy monday everyone! i am hanging out and learning from some great photographers in the small town of washington, il (2 hours south of chicago). it's a quaint little town where the entire square is not open for business on sundays and still pretty quiet on mondays. it's a nice change of pace. we're staying at a charming bed and breakfast with the sweetest innkeeper. i really enjoy talking shop with new friends and bouncing ideas off of each other. we will be back in the office on friday and will be answering emails this week as we're able. thanks for being patient as we're away! i'm going to try to pop in with some photos throughout the week. i have a wedding from this weekend that i look forward to sharing!

i had a client email me and let me know that there is a one-year-old female yellow lab that needs adopting. her current home doesn't have a fenced-in backyard so she is limited on how much time she can spend outside. shoot me an email if you are interested in giving her a loving home with room to roam! : )

have a fabulous week!


baby photographer - nashville, tn - maddox

maddox recently turned one year old. to celebrate, i met up with his family and we had such a great afternoon! the weather was nice, we hit a couple of locations and maddox was all over the place. he kept me on the run the entire session ... it's tiring chasing after a one year old!! but, we got some great shots and he was a lot of fun.

how funny is this one!?

children's photographer - nashville, tn -franklin, tn

can't forget these! here are some kids from my san diego trip...

loved this little guy!

these two girls were the best of friends and were a delight to be around

my favorite photographer and pretty much the reason i traveled to san diego : )

time in san diego

a couple of weeks ago i was in san diego for a workshop. as a photographer, it's important to invest in continuing education and i'm so thankful for all of the opportunities available. even though it rained the majority of my time there, i had a fabulous trip. i met several other photographers and i always love hearing about their businesses and lives. it's great to bounce ideas off of each other and have friends to create with. as i was leaving, i grabbed a couple of photos of little italy, the downtown district in san diego where we stayed. enjoy!

the best part of my stay... being greeted by this one every morning in the hotel lobby.

so many colors …

because of the weather, i wasn't able to get to ocean beach until i was leaving for the airport. here's a friend i made : )


ingrid michaelson - nashville, tn - exit/in

so, i'm trying to catch up on much needed blogging tonight. thanks to everyone who checks in. i always love hearing from you!

blog catching-up 101 here we go...

last week a friend and i ventured out to see the very talented ingrid michaelson at exit/in. there were 4 other performers and ingrid was our favorite by far. her album girls and boys is a happy mix of folk and pop ... very lovely. i can't seem to stop playing the tunes.

here is part of the song that made me buy her album...

while there, i was introduced to joshua radin. his ep is definitely worth a listen and ingrid sings on a couple of the songs, which in my opinion is plenty of reason to take a listen : )

here's a fun photo … brian has a couple of mopeds that he likes to work and scoot around on. we have a good time with them! he wanted some pictures of him and friends riding around on them, so i thought i'd share one!


lovely day

oh, it's so beautiful outside! i was able to move my work out yesterday and soak in some vitamin d. it was magnificent. today is no exception! be sure to get out and enjoy this while it's here.

here's a fun photo from my time in san diego. i'll share more later!


being green

this was a post i meant to put up yesterday in honor of st. patrick's day, but time got away. i hope everyone had a fun st. paddy's day!

our weather has been absolutely sublime recently! i'm trying to be outside as much as i can in order to take advantage of these gorgeous days. even now, i have my window open and i can hear the distant songs of birds and the wind rustling through neighboring trees. oh how i love this time of year! during spring, when the earth comes back to life, i can't help but think of ways to take better care of it. so, i thought i'd share ways we do that. once every 3-4 weeks, brian and i load up our car and head to the recycling place. we recycle just about everything that can be, and as nerdy as i am, this is a natural high for me! :) i always get so excited to see how much of our trash is going to be reused and not thrown in a land-fill. we feel that it is each our own responsibility to take care of our earth the best we can. recycling is one thing that we can all do to be greener and kinder to the earth.

to cut down on plastic use, we use these cute, durable grocery bags. you can pick up a couple at whole foods for only $1 a piece!

when we first started recycling, we put back plastic bottles, aluminum cans and plastic bags. now we recycle everything our local plant will take and we've cut our actual trash down to only 1-2 bags a week. (yes, i am a nerd, but this is very exciting to me!)

in thinking green, i thought these resources might be helpful for parents as well:

think baby bottles: addresses the growing concerns over toxic chemicals leaching from plastic baby products.

the safe sippy: it's a clean, non-leaching stainless steel cup

shaklee: keep your home safe with these non-toxic products. i haven't converted over to these yet, but am looking into it. does anyone use these or similar products? if so, leave a comment below! i'd love to hear from those who have tried them out.

well, folks, there's your green minute for the day! hope you enjoyed it :)


dreaming again

for the past couple of weeks, i have found it difficult to fall asleep before 2, 3 and 4 am. my mind is racing with all the things that must be done, but more importantly i am dreaming again. i am gaining a new sense of purpose and exploring the road ahead of me. my thoughts are burgeoning with ideas. even with the loss of sleep, i welcome this. it's a wonderful place to be.

also, yesterday brian and i wrote a children's song. this was a first for me. i hope to share it later!

and here's a photo of my lovely friend, amanda with a dog we tried to convince her of rescuing :) (she wasn't able to, but he was quickly adopted by another family)


dog photographer - nashville, tn - murphy

when i go to a dog session, i typically have small treats on me. upon entering murphy's home, she instantly spotted where i was hiding them and found me out! and how could i resist this beautiful girl?!…

gorgeous irish setter.

i love that you can see murphy's tag in this one.

he ordered this one on canvas. murphy was much like benny in many regards. she especially reminded me of him in this image.

bryan has great taste in decor and i love that in this photo, you get a taste of it.

bryan had to make sure that murphy wouldn't run out in the street. it made me laugh so i wanted to share!

bryan adams is a wonderful artist based in nashville. you can see his work in local galleries. i can't say enough about how much i enjoyed my time with them. thanks so much for having me!


michael buble - nashville, tn - somet center

last night, my friend amanda and i enjoyed sweet melodies from the ever-so-talented michael buble. fortunately, we had better seats than we realized…unfortunately i only brought my p+s with me :( if you have not seen him in concert before, it's a must! great entertainer, fantastic artist and a funny man. his pitch is incredible…that alone is worth it.

of course a photo…

a great perk to having great seats! a little video… btw, the trombone player in this video hails from nashville! :)

a nice surprise for the nashville audience! blake shelton sang a duet on home


maddie - baby photographer - franklin, tn

when i met maddie, she was just waking up from a nap. she was in such a great mood and so happy to see her mom. as you'll see, she has the most gorgeous blue eyes. her mom and dad were wonderful and i'm excited to see them again in may for their family photos! enjoy these for now!

one of the many reasons i [heart] shooting on location...

this is one of the storyboards they purchased. i just love her little green shirt!


mocha and aria - dog photography - franklin, tn

meet mocha and aria. they are 10-year-old spinone sisters. they are both super sweet and stuck by my side the majority of our session. (i guess they could sense how much i love doggies :) ) it's funny to see how different their personalities are even though they are sisters. aria loved the camera and the attention and would very rarely let mocha in front! mocha, on the other hand, was quieter and often hung in the background. both are very sweet girls and wonderful friends!

a little different processing/look


twins - newborn photographer - franklin, tn

meet elizabeth and brayden. nestled safely in mommy and daddy's arms.

not only do these two have people who are absolutely crazy about them (!), they have a very unique story... a miracle story. brayden and elizabeth made their debut into the world four months early. at birth they were each around 20 ounces including their brother spencer. spencer has since gone on to heaven, where i imagine he is cheering daily for elizabeth and brayden. after spending 4.5 months in NICU, brayden and elizabeth were free to go home! when i met them, these little ones were six months old weighing in at 8.5 and 10 pounds... and about as sweet as you can get! their parents were so fun to be around... have great taste in music, wonderful senses of humor and live inspiring lives. by the time our session was over, i felt i had known them for years. all of the above are reasons why i love my career so!

sweet brayden. spitten image of his dad!

spunky and healthy elizabeth. at birth she was able to wear her dad's wedding band as a bracelet. so strong now!

riley loves lovin' on his new siblings :)

one of the new family

thank you for choosing me as your baby photographer. i am so honored!

let it snow - dog photography - nashville, tn

one of my favorite things - snow falling at night time. everything becomes quiet and for those few moments the world seems to be at peace. living in middle tennessee i don't get to experience this very often. fortunately, it happened friday night and we were able to play in it for a bit on saturday morning. benny absolutely loved it! he couldn't stop running... but his favorite part was eating it. yes, he would just lay down in the middle of the yard and munch away.

i was just interrupted and i have to tell this story. benny has an interesting relationship with pappy, the dog who lives behind us. because our bedroom is on the 2nd floor, benny can watch pappy quite often. occassionally, pappy will come and lay down in our backyard and call out to benny. by benny's frantic running around, we immediately know that we should let him outside. benny blazes out the back door and pappy takes off back to his yard. benny is then chased back into our yard and chases pappy back to his. keiko, another neighbor's dog then joins the frenzy. this is quite amusing for brian and me to watch from the back door. i'll have to photograph or video it sometime :)

here's one last photo from the snow: benny getting pelted with a snowball :)


mother's day - family photography - nashville, tn

brian and i have both been a bit under the weather. we're on the mend today and i'm able to be back in the office this afternoon. hopefully, this will be all we see of what's going around!

can anyone else believe how quickly 2008 is passing us by? seriously, how are we practically through the 1st quarter of the year? i find it hard to believe that i'm already talking about mother's day! this photo brought it to mind. such a sweet little girl and i just love this mom's hair! :) so gorgeous.

if you need to think of the perfect gift for mom, why not go with a surprise photography session? you could book the session this month and have prints gifted for her of your beautiful children... even the furry ones :) in time for mother's day. contact me for details!

until next time,