bad blogger

guilty as charged. i've been a bad blogger! i've worked nonstop this past week playing catch up, and still trying. i'm now heading out of town for a photography conference and will return late on wednesday night. thanks for your patience as i have been in and out a lot lately! looking forward to showing what's been going on the past few weeks!!



back in the office

i'm back in town and am working on returning emails and phone calls and packaging orders. i'll get back with everyone by the end of the day! it's nice to be home and even nicer to come home to a completely clean house! i have the sweetest husband who spent his afternoon yesterday cleaning so that i wouldn't have to worry it about once i got back. :) oh, and because a post is boring without any pictures, here are a few of benny in his favorite napping spot: our bed.



i apologize because this is really just a tease, but i'm running out the door! this is a session from friday night and i have so many too share of this beautiful guy! i will be out of state for work until this friday. i will return emails and phone calls upon my return. have a great week!

maternity session

i could not say enough great things about thursday's session! i have so many too share but am cut really short on time. so here are a few until i return...


garth + eli

i met up with these twin brothers earlier this week and we had quite the fun little playdate! i feel really old saying this, but geez, what i would do to have half their energy! :) they were running everywhere, going everywhere and wanted to show me everything. good times!




we got benny when he was a little over 4 months old. brian found him at our local animal shelter and fell in love immediately. benny had been abandoned in the middle of the night at the shelter and was discovered by their staff the next morning. he has been the greatest gift in our lives and we are so thankful for the work they do!

meet chloe. 10 weeks old. labrador + daschund. needs your love. abandoned at shelter.

brian and chloe

you can find out how to give her a loving home here!

baxter and halley

so the other day, i pretty much tackled my neighbor as i saw she was walking these little cuties. i had to snap a few! :)


while we were waiting for the fireworks to start, we stumbled across this sweet 4-month-old lab...

4th of july... a little late

so, i'm a little over a week late on posting this, but we had a great time celebrating our 1st 4th with benny... even if he's a bit pyro shy... actually pyro terrified :)

waiting on the fireworks

benny getting nervous

hope everyone had a great one!

lake barkley

a couple of weeks ago brian, benny and i got away for a few days to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. we traveled up to cadiz, ky and stayed at a cabin on lake barkley. we had the time of our lives!! we were on the water everyday riding wakes on a jet ski. lazy evenings watching movies and enjoying no humidity made it really hard to come back to reality! ;) i don't have any photos of us actually on the lake, but here are a few of benny and where we stayed. oh, and if you're looking to get away for a few days, check out where we stayed here!

a night shot of the cabin

for the past 10 days or so i have been playing major catch up. it feels nice to finally be towards the end of catching up and now it's time to show my blog a little love. :) so here i am! many posts to follow. also, my travel schedule has been updated and you can view it here!


little jack

i had a session with this fun little guy. he's just learning to pull up and stand on his own. what a fun stage of life! it was great to be able to capture such a fleeting time of infanthood. he was full of expressions and laughs as you will see below. he's such a happy baby and i loved the time i got to spend with him and his older furry sister, lilly... you know i have a soft spot for furry children :)