you be the judge...

if you frequent the blog, then you know that we're pretty crazy about benny! well, we need your help... we're entering one of his photos into a contest and we can't decide which one to use. (i hope this isn't a foretelling of what kind of parent i'll be ... i don't want to be THAT mom who enters my daughter into beauty pageants and strips away her childhood and has to spend years in therapy for it later!) anyway, we're excited to share benny with the world and would love to hear your thoughts! so please don't be shy and leave your vote in the comments below :)






the photo will be judged on the following:
-overall appearance
-condition of coat

many many thanks!

one more favorite

LOVE this one


so don't ever leave me alone with a bullmastiff...

before the holidays, i met up with JR who was one of my grooms from october. he had the sweetest idea for a christmas present for his new bride! he hired me to do a pet lifestyle session of him with their two pups. we started out doing photos of the three of them... shelby, moose and JR.

snuck in a few detail shots...

and then we decided to take individual photos. i had JR put shelby in the car and i was going to stay behind and hold onto moose's leash. JR got about 20 yards out and moose took one look at me, then one look back at his dad and decided he wasn't going to stand for this! in an instant i was thrown onto the ground and was drug across the lawn by 130 pound bullmastiff... camera in hand. i had to let go of the leash and moose ran in victory to his dad! we laughed about that one for a while. here they are together...

and one of moose - such GORGEOUS features!

last, but certainly not least, princess shelby! ;)

we got to surprise miriam with a slideshow from the session and she loved them!


phoebe - 7 months old

happy monday everyone! it's starting to warm up again... i'm hoping to get out with the sunshine today. here are a few from this sweet girl.

a fun family as you can see!



meet ramsey. bright personality and a killer laugh. loved greatly by her emmy (grandmother).

there was this great tree line at their local park...

thanks for having me out! i'm so excited for the upcoming wedding in your family :)


jack the puppy

this past saturday, brian and i headed down to our favorite animal rescue. we are trying to decide whether or not we want to adopt a second dog. jack was there and he reminded us of benny so we took him out for a little while. he's a cutie...

what do you think? any advice about taking on a second dog?


maddie - six months

right before the holiday break, i photographed this little one! if you click here, you can see her at 3 months. now at 6 months, she is extremely alert and as sweet as ever!

check out those baby blues

without further ado...

a long overdue update! i have only had a few posts since the holidays because we have had a lot going on at the hitt house and adrian hitt photography. i'm hoping this will bring everything up to speed! we celebrated our christmas a few days early so that we could head home to oklahoma for the week of the holidays. i mentioned in an earlier post that this had been one of my favorite christmases... it still rings true. even though things played out differently than we could have anticipated, i hope to never forget the lessons i learned. the beauty of old relationships and friendships, forgiveness and redemption were all awaiting us. for the first time in 4 or 5 years, my entire family got to spend christmas together. this alone would have been a great enough gift. i also got to catch up with friends from high school... i had no idea how much i missed all of them! so thank you to susan, jason, ben, brandon, willie, derenda and david... i think we all needed the therapy ;) hehe

here are a few visuals from our holiday time...

details of our tree

can you tell that we're fans of the holiday season?!

one of brian's suprises that santa left... :)

as soon as we arrived in oklahoma, we drove to see my grandparents. they live in a house that my grandfather built back in the '70's. the awesome thing about their house is that nothing has changed since then! they still have all of the velvet wallpaper and crazy colors. when we were kids, we all thought their house was the coolest! it was unlike any other home we had ever seen. this was taken in the "red room"... aka: den. my dad and my nephew, nic are playing chess.

a little more detail of the chess pieces...

benny was a bit scared around nic. here's nic trying to make up with him :)

after we returned home from christmas and new year's, i left for a photo conference in tampa bay, fl. it was the perfect start for a new year! thus far, it was the best investment for my company. i was able to glean so much knowledge from well-respected photographers and business people in our industry. it was fun as well... which never hurts! :) once i landed back in nashville, i shot the fall 2008 line for coco bonbons. i have much more to share from my time with them, so keep an eye out for that post!

adding to the chaos/excitement of the new year... our house is for sale! it went on the market a few days ago and we also placed an offer on another house in nashville. so, now we're playing the waiting/constantly cleaning :) game. here's a look at our dining room. 

can't forget this! here is a portrait of brian's nana and roland. isn't she beautiful? she's an amazing woman and brian and i are both very thankful for her love.

lastly, how are your new year's resolutions holding up? i'm doing better than i've done in previous years, but still working on getting all of them in place! reading more and for fun was one of my mine. (the last non-business/photography book i read was last christmas. hence the resolution to do better this year :) ) sunday night i started the lovely bones by alice sebold. i've already read half of the novel... it's quite the page turner! pick it up if you haven't already. but, if you're not much into reading, peter jackson is currently working on the film scheduled to release march 2009.

i hope everyone is enjoying the new year thus far! thanks again for all of your support and stopping by to read my rambilngs.



just a little hello

thanks for continuing to check in despite my lack of posting! we haven't slowed down much since the holidays but i plan on being back with the blog this week. i have a session today that i'm very excited about... 6 lab puppies and the 2 boys who love them! talk about a fun time! i'm heading out for that, but wanted to drop in to say hi. thanks for all of your support out there in blogland. enjoy this one of brian's papa and mary. i took this on christmas eve.... (you now know how far behind i am!)


what i've been up to....

since arriving home from the photo conference, i have been working on a commercial shoot for coco bonbons. i had a great time with the kids and everyone involved with coco bonbons. they have a fantastic team there! just wanted to share a little peek from that. i'll be wrapping up my work on this project this weekend and will then share sessions from the end of the year. happy friday everyone!


update '08

happy new year everyone! we are back in our offices and will be responding to emails and phone calls today and tomorrow. i have so many things to share with you. thanks for sticking around during the blog break! stay close as i have several sessions to post along with what i was up to during the past 2 weeks.

for now, benny's new year resolution: to take more naps! :)


happy new year!

just a note to let you know that our offices will be closed through january 8th. i'll be attending a conference and will get back with everyone upon my return!

i hope everyone had a wonderful time with friends and family over the holidays and even better start to the new year! once i get back, i'll share from my holiday.